Tender Giant Miljan Suknovic


The moment Miljan walked into the Air France Lounge at New York’s JFK Airport he was immediately inspired by the architectural environment to create an installation/exhibition “Studio Visit”. As the first site-specific art installation of it’s kind the Air France lounge, his 35 large vibrant abstract works that were met with wide acclaim during the vernissage on November 12th. Miljan is no stranger to working with large format works forNew York’s, The World Trade Center Tower 7 ,Tower 49, the Beeckman mansion, Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Hotel and created large murals in Florence, Bologna and New York.

Miljan describes his site-specific installation as a “Tender Giant” which he uses as a  used to describe Air France. “Air France is a powerhouse that represents elegance and style.” Miljan Suknovic

Miljan Suknovic is an artist who creates a new dimension for abstract painting through his use of “color syncopation” to evoke movement and mood.

” I am focused on applying color as a rhythm to create a visual cadence that reflects moving from one moment to the next’’. Miljan Suknovic

Rather than creating pieces to be viewed with a specific intention, Miljan prefers to give the audience the freedom to experience spontaneous feelings evoked by the various colors and geometry in the the work.

Miljan gives the example of abstract art in relation to a beach setting where we see three 3 basic lines of Sand water and sky. Although those are very similar in color and plain, there is a beauty that creates a harmony.

“ The beauty of nature is not perfection, but harmony” Miljan Suknovic

Having studied art and architecture in Florence where he subsequently resided for seven years, Miljan was influenced by the city’s renaissance architecture. His appreciation for the experiential power of a space has become an integral part of his installations and how he chooses his projects.

Miljan’s “Studio Visit’’ will be available until Spring 2020 for passengers with access to the Air France Lounge and the Premiere Lounge at JFK airport’s airport.

For additional Information visit www.suknovic.com

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