Retiré: Cary Fagan x Giu Gui


We would like to present a photography series done in collaboration with Giu Giu and photographer Cary Fagan. Fagan’s work includes A$AP Rocky’s contemplative album cover for “Testing”. A man on the quest for freedom, moved by human interaction and connection, Fagan embraces the present moment and the notion of always moving forward. His art shares a philosophy similar to that of Giu Giu’s. A philosophy inspired by dreams and expressed in harmony, movement, and embracing the natural order of things.

Movement — a physical manifestation of our endless imagination. It allows us to create, to connect, to observe, and most importantly to know ourselves. To move is to be free. In this series, Fagan captures the intimacy of spontaneous expression. The motions, inspired by ballet, are so beautifully thoughtless they allow one’s true self to shine through. Ballerinas placed in a relaxed environment, turned off from the strains of perfectionism, yet still aware of movement. The motions are natural and evoke a childlike curiosity.

Fagan also portrays the harmony of comfortable human interactions. After shooting, he expressed “it was as if the moment had already happened – the models and team already knew each other and the energy was positive. Models were comfortable and motivated during [the] shoot. [They] encouraged each other.” Together they show that by connecting with others, we begin to connect deeper with ourselves. Free from judgement, free from limitation, free from force, they remind us of the importance of true self expression. A match made in heaven — through Fagan’s eyes, the Giu Giu pieces are right at home.

Photographer: Cary Fagan //